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Message from Chairman Bruce Goldman

Hello to the 0ver 4,700 Registered Democrats in Medford and All of Our Friends,

I’m Bruce Goldman and I’m the new Chair of the Medford Democratic Club. Time to make some noise!

My wife Linda and I have lived in Medford for 21 years and raised our children here, both of whom attended our public schools and graduated from Shawnee High School. I’m the retired General Counsel of PREIT, the local area mall company, after having spent many years in public service in Wisconsin and Massachusetts. We moved to New Jersey when I was hired by Mirage Resorts to help fight off Donald Trump’s numerous legal and political challenges to the building of what is now the Borgata Casino and the associated extension of the AC Expressway to the northern portion of Atlantic City in the lat 1990’s. We kicked Trumps butt then, going undefeated in numerous law suits and other political fights, just like we are going to kick his butt now.

Club members elected me because I’m passionate about Medford’s need to break free from frozen traditions and ways of thinking, and to push new ideas to improve the quality of life in the Township. Remember, it was Democratic pressure that led Town Council to reopen bathrooms at our parks, improve the quality of snow and brush removal services and to take steps to improve our roads. Club members also wanted someone who would be aggressive in our support of Andy Kim’s reelection to Congress and the defeat of Donald Trump in November, and who was also independent of the strong political networks which seem to dominate South Jersey political activity. We are going to challenge authority at the Local, County, State and Federal levels when we think it’s in the interest of Medford Democrats and the Township.

There is much room for us to grow here in the Township and we are going to stay positive and do the work. To do this, though, we not only need but must demand your help. We will schedule events and speakers and be visible in the Township. Your job is to show up and engage! Sitting home is not an option. The same passion that so many of you showed right after Trump’s 2016 election is needed now and it has to start here at home.

Please be on the lookout for our announcements on social media and elsewhere, including an upcoming fight about the Republican Council’s recent elimination of Medford’s Pay to Play campaign finance rules. My hope and expectation is that we will see a large number of you at our Club Meeting on President’s Day, February 17th. Please be on the look-out for the notice Given that we have a President who expects his face to be carved into Mount Rushmore there will be no better way to say “to hell with that” than by showing up to our President’s Day Club Meeting.

Remember that there are more than 4,700 Registered Democrats in Town. Show up and be counted!

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